Summers-Inman Building Information Modelling Team Win North-East BIM Competition with Vico Office


Summers-Inman recognised as one of the UK’s leading consultancy for Integrated Construction Management Solutions & Services, recently won the North-East BIM Competition, delivering multiple project models, estimates, schedules, and Owner materials in less than 8 hours.

The event was designed by the North East BIM Hub to engage with BIM Novices in the North East of England to show what can be achieved with BIM and to highlight the multitude of skills needed to properly execute BIM on a commercial construction project.

This is very different from “Hollywood BIM” or spinning a model on a screen to impress an Owner.  In order for a BIM project to share efficiencies with all constituents, it needs to be executed to an agreed and recognised standard. This means the model must contain solid geometry in order to contribute viable quantities which are used in construction estimates and schedules.  It also must be coordinated with all of the models from each of the other consultants.

Summers-Inman, who have recently invested in the purchase of Vico Office and the Customer Success Program all supplied by Rapid5D, are active members of the North East BIM Hub, part of the Government Task Force implementing the UK Governments BIM focused procurement strategy for all capital projects.

Summers-Inman assembled a team largely made up of novices and aimed from the outset to go beyond the mandatory brief to provide real deliverables related to their core disciplines of Project Management, Cost management and FM Consultancy.

The competing teams were all given the same information at the beginning of the day: a brief for a proposed community centre including goals and a 3D model of the existing site topography in *.dwg format.  At the end of the eight hours, the teams were asked to submit a summary proposal including methodology, a BIM Execution Plan, a federated multi-disciplinary model, the results of clash detection, and schedule simulation.