The Future of Higher Education

The impact of Covid-19 has spanned multiple continents, generations, and sectors. One of the sectors that Summers-Inman have been working closely with throughout is Higher Education. Universities are instrumental in forging a future for the next generation, but due to restrictions being put in place, they are not currently being used to their full potential. We have many clients within the Higher Education sector and are well-placed to advise on how they can make the most of their estates, while ensuring the safety of staff and students, as well as continuing to offer the services that are needed.

Jon Spall, Director at Summers-Inman and chartered Quantity Surveyor discussed the importance of how to approach a ‘flexible-learning-future’.

“We are working with universities to look at their strategies going forwards. This includes assessing whether the need of larger estates still exists, or what can we do to support a more flexible learning environment in the future”.

Having worked with different university estates for over 30 years, Jon has close working-relationships with senior staff within estate teams, as well as a clear understanding of their business strategic plans for the coming years. By reviewing the site’s projected business decisions, Jon has been able to run initial cost-planning exercises to estimate future required budgets, as well as in-depth risk registers to assess what aspects of the universities future risk can be mitigated whilst ensuring that future priorities are aligned across the entire estates’ team.

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